Steps to Activate the Windows 10 Latest Timeline Feature

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Windows has introduced an amazing feature of the timeline which gives you the power to resume past activities without much ado. We can’t remember each and every site or file which we accessed but windows timeline can do this for you. Timeline feature of Windows 10 will take you back to the file from where you have left. With this, you may easily switch between the past and present activities. In the earlier windows version, you need to this manually but windows 10 turn on this feature on auto mode. You may get back to the past 30 day’s activities of MS office, Google Chrome or such other functions of your PC. In this piece, we are going to show you the easiest way to enable windows 10 timeline feature on your device.

Earlier timeline feature was limited to only a few compatible versions but looking at its successful implications, it is soon rolled out by Microsoft for all the Windows 10 users. To better understand this feature, the timeline can be taken as an index of all the activities that you have done in the past 30 days on your windows system. For an example, you may go back to the file you were working on 30 days before. So let’s get to know how to enable windows 10 timeline feature.

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  • Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • Open ‘Windows Settings’.
  • Go to ‘Privacy’ settings.
  • A new screen will appear and you will notice the list of options on the left side of your screen.
  • Tick on the option of ‘Let Windows collect my activities from this PC’. Enabling this option, you will permit your windows 10 system to keep track of all your activities.
  • If you like to harmonize your activity with cloud storage, you may also check the box for the option of Let Windows Synchronize my activities from this PC to the cloud’. With this option, you may enjoy cross-device synchronization.
  • Beneath the option of ‘Activity history’, there is another course of action i.e. ‘Show activities from accounts’. Simply turn on this option as well.
  • Exist out of the ‘Windows Settings’ to save the changes.

Doing as directed above, you will successfully enable the timeline feature on your Windows 10 device. If at any time you wish to disable this feature, simply go back to the same path and tick out all the options mentioned above. As simple as that!

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The Bottom Line

Windows 10 timeline feature is of great use for those who make the use of their computer systems for multiple purposes say gaming, personal work, professional task etc. In such a case, you may enjoy the power to resume to files on which you worked days ago. It is also wonderful to resume the movie which you were watching 30 days back. We appreciate the efforts of Microsoft to give the best of features to its users. Feel free to write to us if you like to know more about Windows 10 timeline feature. Read our blog for more articles like this.