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Demibooks® Composer provides an affordable, versatile and incredibly easy-to-use method of creating your own book apps with realistic physics, animation, images, text, sounds, movies and visual effects. Download Composer Pro from the App Store. Produce interactive content with the same tool used by many leading publishers and independent storytellers.

In addition to Composer Pro, Composer Studio is also available on a subscription basis and supports project import for collaboration. Publishing to the App Store is $249/title. To learn more click here.

To share your projects with friends, family, and collaborators, use the Composer Share app, to easily open and read any interactive content created in any version Composer.

Join our User Community. Create an account on Demibooks Printshop to publish your book apps to the App Store and to be considered for our curated marketplace on the iPad, Demibooks Storytime.
















You start with a storyboard but then Composer introduces you to new possibilities. The story evolves…because it can. Move pictures around with your fingers, resize images by dragging the corners out, tap to add new pages. Making a book has never been this much fun.

No code required

No one wants to code. Except for the coders, so we’ll let them do that. Composer does the heavy lifting behind the scenes so you can focus on the choreography.

Powerful effects and animations

Use powerful Behaviors to manipulate audio and visual objects. Create frame-based animations, specify animation details and add triggers. Your imagination is the limit.

Add Physics

Using Composer’s “Physics” function, you can make objects float or bounce around the page, or assign objects life-like properties such as “gravity” or “stickiness” which is triggered when readers touch the object.


Preview as you create

Don’t wait for Engineering to get back to you in a couple of weeks with those changes. Just hit the Preview button and what you see is what your readers will get. No juggling between desktop and iPad.

Share via dropbox

Composer integrates seamlessly with Dropbox to allow you to import your images and audio easily. Composer also allows you to transfer files from your computer using the iTunes library.

Affordable platform

You don’t have a gazillion bucks to spend on book app development? Worried about being discovered in the App Store? Composer gives you a great start by reducing development time and cost.

Publish like a pro

Use our Printshop service to publish your book app to the App Store. Upload your book and we’ll help submit it to the App Store. Ask us if you need more help and we’ll be there.