Guide For The Process Of Publishing a Post On Linkedin

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Nowadays there are various social networking platforms available for everyone with help of these they will connect to their friends and family. One of the most used social networking websites is LinkedIn. It is usually beneficial for professional purposes.  Might be you heard about me from your friends or colleagues. It is a very popular social platform but still many people don’t know much about it. No matters whether you’re an employer or a job seeker, it is equally important for both.

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LinkedIn allows you to connect a link with business professionals that will helpful for boosting up your career. By using sharing the job post and sharing a CV on LinkedIn you may be hired or get a qualified applicant of the job. So if you’re new to LinkedIn and want to publish a post and you don’t know how to do that. After reading this article you’ll get to know the process of publishing a post on LinkedIn.

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There are almost 500 million people share their thoughts and ideas through LinkedIn. This will help them to convey their expertise and knowledge to the professional around the globe. The posts you share on LinkedIn will beneficial to get connect with your previous connection, also for new connections. This will become very helpful for business, recruitment, and career. So go with the steps for involve in the process of publishing a post on LinkedIn.

  • For writing a post, go to the Home page. For that login to your LinkedIn account and click on the ‘Home’.
  • There you get a blank space where you can write your post, for writing a post select “Write an article’.
  • Now insert a header picture to your article. For this click on the icon given on that page. It is suggested by LinkedIn to upload a picture with size 698 X 400 pixels. Now select either ‘expanded size’ or ‘standard size’.
  • Below the header image option, you’ll find the option ‘headline’ or title. Write a brief headline for your post and below that write the full content of your post. After that check, the article to ensure that there were no formatting issues occur in the post.
  • Create a footer to describe your bio as your post can be read by anyone whether he/she has a LinkedIn account or not. Therefore introduce yourself in front the viewers of your post by creating a short bio and insert it into the footer of your post.
  • This is the last step, after checking the content and design of the post, click on the “Publish” icon which is blue in color from the top-right edge.

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The Final Words…

LinkedIn provides the users with a business-to-business connection followed by many other advantages. It is a crucial part of using LinkedIn is to create and share a post. This will help to engage your current followers and fascinate others. The process of publishing a post is very easy and you will easily do it. To publish a post follows the instructions which are mentioned above. Hope you like this article and then share your reviews regarding this article. Read our blog for more articles like this.