The Impact of Charging Your Smartphone Overnight

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In this modern era, the best companion of any person in the world is their mobile phone. As each and everything you can do on your smartphone, it is important to keep it charge but due to our busy schedule, it’s not possible to plug it and charge in the daytime. So, there are many of us who leave the phone to charge overnight so that at the start of the day, we can get the full charged device in our hand. Now, there are so many people who warned us not to charge our phone overnight as it will ruin the whole battery life. So, is it true or not?

There are so many of us who keeps thinking about this rumor and thus, in this article we will unfold the fact behind this rumor. In nutshell, if we want to tell you then YES, you can charge your phone or overnight without any issue but there are some don’ts which we will cover in this article. So, follow our guidance in order to get rid of all such fake rumors all around the world.

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Overnight Charging! Good or Bad?

Now, there are so many people who got stuck in this dilemma that whether we can leave our smartphone to charge overnight. So, the answer is clearly yes, you can charge your phone overnight. But, there are some things which you should keep in mind while charging your phone which we will discuss in this article. So, let’s have a look at some don’ts which you must be aware of:


  • Never Use Your Phone While Charging


This is indeed an important factor which you just need to keep in mind that your battery life would get reduced if you will use your phone during charging. When you use your phone while charging it gets heat up which reduce the battery life. Thus, in order to never reduce your phone’s battery life, you should never use it while charging.

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  • Don’t Charge Frequently


There are so many people who charge their phone frequently due to which their battery becomes hot every time and thus, it does not get any time to cool down. Thus, the performance of the device gets reduced due to heat. So, in order to have a perfect device performance, you should only charge it twice a day.


  • Don’t Use Fast Charger In Normal Device


Many of us may have charged our normal smartphone with a fast charger or dash charger which does not have the fast charging technology. This is the wrong activity as the amount of power which gets supplied to the phone is too much. This amount of power can damage the charging slot of the smartphone or even damage the hardware circuits in worst scenarios.

So, in this way, it can be concluded that we can charge our smartphone but in a smart manner by following don’ts which we have discussed above. There are so many users who don’t get time to charge their phone due to their busy schedule or in some cases due to their bad charger which charges their phone in more than 3 hours. So, now without any hesitation, you can charge your device for overnight.

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In nutshell, we can charge our device for overnight as it will not harm the device in any scenario. There are so many of us who want to wake up in the morning with 100% battery in our phone as for the whole day, we don’t get enough time to charge the device. But, there are some things which we have discussed above in order to never ruin the battery or device performance of the device. Keep visiting our blog for more such informative piece.