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Bees Buzz & Lions Roar: Animal Stories

Categories: 14 Jul 2015

Made by the team at Kristin Harris Design that brought you the DVD collection, Bees Buzz & Lions Roar/las abejas zumban y los leones rugen, this first adaptation from that collection adds interactivity to the animated stories, also in English and Spanish. Your child will love visiting with Little Bee as she gets the bees energized again. See bees buzz almost everywhere with your help. Cecilia loves to play and she might have some ideas you never tried. Help her run with the dolphins and dance with the crabs. Bold colorful illustrations compliment the stories written for very young children.

*Animation on every page of the story
*Professional voice talent
*Original artwork
*Endearing stories that will want to be read over and over again
*Easily switch between English and Spanish
*Native language speakers

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