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Bon Voyage

Categories: 06 Jun 2013

Irresistible little mouse Martha Micy enjoys her life in the big city, painting, cooking, traveling and dancing. Every day, she is grateful for the sun and the moon and wishes to live her life to the fullest. But, self-doubt starts to emmerge in her thoughts and the fear that her desires cannot come true grows bigger. After all, she is only a very small mouse in a very big city. Martha was slowly losing the happiness in her life. One night, while she was looking at the moon, it seemed like the moon is looking back at her and smiled at her. That smile has made Martha’s smile bigger, and bigger untill it overwhelmed Marta’s thoughts. She has conquered her fears and began to believe in herself again. She is now brave enough to take the first step into the unknown and even climb up to the moon…

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