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Die Drie Varkies

Categories: 01 Jun 2014

“Die Drie Varkies” is the first South African Sign Language App available for Afrikaans speaking iPad users.

“Die Drie Varkies” is the Afrikaans retelling of the classic story of The Three Little Pigs but, specifically focussing on the young deaf reader. The story tells of the adventures of the three little pigs, building their houses and not forgetting nasty wolf.

With the use of simplified text, SASL sign video, animation, as well as finger spelling, the app is suitable for both sign-, auditory-deaf or the hard of hearing user. The app is suitable for both Afrikaans first language and Afrikaans first additional language users.

Check out how the Transoranje School for the Deaf has used iPads and Demibooks in education here.

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