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Howie Hides A Hippo in His Home

Categories: 03 Jun 2014

Can you help Howie hide a hippo in his home?

Dinger Studios proudly presents Howie Hides a Hippo in His Home, an interactive storybook that encourages readers to join in the adventure, and finally answers the long wondered question: Where DO you hide a hippo in your home?

After a Hippo escapes from the zoo and arrives at Howie’s front door, the young boy must hurry to hide the pesky pottomous somewhere inside the house before his family finds him! But such a task is easier said than done…

Push the Hippo up into the attic. Try to squeeze him behind the couch. Will he fit behind the drapes?

Specifically designed for the iPad, this book has included (and hidden) dozens of playful interactions and animations inside the pages to enrich the experience, advance the story, and (most importantly) make reading fun!

Optional narration allows readers to have the story read to them or follow along with the excitement at their own pace.