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The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Categories: 12 May 2015

This singalong version of Ed & Rebecca Emberley’s book, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” allows kids to sing along to the famous song with jazz musician Peter Black! With both a singalong movie and an interactive reading feature, this storybook app is sure to capture a child’s attention.

This oft-loved nursery rhyme benefits from the collaboration between author/illustrators Rebecca Emberley and her father, Caldecott award winner Ed Emberley. The Emberleys have created 10 books together, and like their previous work, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” virtually explodes with riotus color! They chose to stay true to the original rhyme, while giving the spider their own special touch. Whether it’s a child’s first experience with this timeless classic, or the 100th, the Emberleys’ version is sure to please.

“Remember the thrill of learning and retelling the Itsy Bitsy Spider (aka the “Incy Wincy Spider”, the “Eency Weency Spider” and according to Wikipedia, five other variations)? The talented daughter-father team of Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley has remixed the classic in their trademark style, deftly delivering a stunning color palette, palpable rhythm, and steady movement. If that’s not recommendation enough, then check out the “buy a book, give a book” program from the publisher, Two Little Birds.” —Parents’ Choice Awards