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With Imagination Let’s Just See

Categories: 10 Dec 2014

What do tiny, little bees, spiders, snails, ants, butterflies and grasshoppers have to do with astronauts, clowns, basketball players, knights, cowboys, and superheroes? Well, by using our imagination, Let’s Just See!!!!

With Imagination Let’s Just See What These Insects Can Be is an interactive storybook for kids that introduces them to the wonderful gift of their imagination. Each of the insects comes to life on the screen and invites young readers to enjoy interactive play time while watching the pages transform with the touch of a button.

Written and illustrated by Mitch Linhardt, an entrepreneur and graphic designer based in St. Louis, Missouri who heads Viking Bee, a design company. Linhardt has years of experience with the creative service industry, and we are very pleased to publish one of his works created with Demibooks Composer. The print book of this application is also available.

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