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Composer projects can be published and shared through three main channels:

1In Demibooks Storytime, our curated marketplace on the App Store.

2On the Usborne Books & More website, an easy way to buy Storytime apps.

3In Demibooks Share, free for schools and to share with friends.

We aren’t all coders. Composer allows us to bring an idea quickly to the next level. – Reuben Miller, Night Knight Books

Publish to the App Store via Demibooks Storytime.
Submit to Storytime for Free.

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Publishing Process

To get started

Download Demibooks Composer Pro on the App Store. Composer outputs a .DCB file that is a collection of the image files, movies, sounds and information that make up your book or project. Upload your DCB and project metadata to our Printshop page for both publishing to the App Store and consideration in Storytime.

Please note: Demibooks Composer Studio is no longer being sold. Got legacy publishing credits for the App Store? You can still use them as long as they are valid! See our FAQ for more details.

Go to Printshop

In Demibooks Storytime

Only the best of Composer-based books are chosen for Storytime, which include Independent authors as well as leading publishers such as McGraw-Hill Education and Kane Miller Books. Storytime apps are primarliy sold by Usborne Books & More, our direct-to-consumer sales team.

In Demibooks Share

Send a friend or your teacher the project DCB to read in Share.

If you are a teacher using Composer Pro to foster creativity in your classroom, contact us to have your student projects published in Share.