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Demibooks in Education

Demibooks Composer is an iPad app students use to produce interactive stories, presentations and games. With Demibooks in the classroom, schools can teach 21st century skills in critical thinking, basic programming, STEAM/STEAM and multi-media communications. Interactive lessons and projects can be shared and viewed using Demibooks Share.

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You will receive:

Demibooks has temporarily suspended the School Pilot program that featured a free hour of online training and access to Britannica School. You can still receive the following:
• Access to other training videos and forums
• Support from our team
• Lesson plans and curriculum guides
• Publish to Demibooks Share


• Teach technology through the arts
• Learn basic coding
• Develop logic and problem solving skills
• Foster multi-disciplinary, cooperative learning
• Bring scientific concepts to life
• Support Common Core State Standards (USA)

Perfect for:

• After-school clubs
• Summer camps
• Digital Storytelling
• App and game development
• Interactive lessons
• Gifted programs
• College and career readiness

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