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Demibooks Studio

Creating compelling book apps is an art form, requiring not only robust technology, but also creative and experience design with an eye for what interactive elements should be used to bring stories to life.  At Demibooks Studio, we have experience creating our own apps on the Composer platform, as well as for leading publishers such as McGraw-Hill Education and Kane Miller Books.

Our Studio projects are led by a Creative Director and a Producer experienced in mobile, web and interactive media. Compositors who produce the books are supported by the actual software team who develops Demibooks Composer.




The Process




During this phase we look for opportunities to group books into similar categories, develop common design standards across categories and to develop reusable functionality where possible. Each title has a storyboard document created to capture scope, and is reviewed with the client project team for approval. A test plan will be created based on the storyboard. Special software features may be identified and communicated to our platform development team.Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 11.42.17 AM

Storyboard reviews are critical as this is the scope document for the book app. A few changes are possible while the book is being composed in Composer, however we work closely with you to manage scope tightly throughout the project.



In the Pre-Production phase we prepare assets required for producing the book in Composer. Using digital assets and artwork supplied by the client, the Demibooks Studio team creates animations and prepares other interactive elements using tools such as Adobe Photoshop.

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 11.25.17 AM

We work with the you to assemble metadata required by the App Store and Storytime, including descriptions, keywords, categories and price. Credit pages are created. Any voiceover narrations that need to be recorded are initiated with talent agencies. Clients have the opportunity to select the right voice talent from different sample recordings.




Composing the book app in Demibooks Composer brings the interactive story to life. Composer enables code-free authoring on the iPad itself with a rich set of features for creating interactive behaviors. The platform allows sophisticated manipulation of voiceovers, sound effects and music tracks that can span multiple scenes and pages.  Animations created in AfterEffects or Flash are played back with additional control over attributes such as frame rate and sequence. Object motion can be controlled via a series of transforms, motion eases, and by even turning the physics behaviors on. We also support movies in specific formats.




The Demibooks Printshop team is responsible for generating application builds based on the DCB output from Composer. These builds are distributed to you for testing. Project schedules will allow for testing with a larger audience of testers including kids. The final application is submitted to Apple for publication in the App Store, pending review. In parallel to the App Store, the Demibooks team will publish the App to the Demibooks Storytime app.







Demibooks offers an interactive reading experience for children, and a consistent, well-designed platform for content development. Their knowledge, understanding, and experience building interactive reading applications led to more interesting and exciting interactions for readers. They offered our Marketing team support for positioning and pricing the interactive books, driving customers to our materials, and providing a secondary marketplace for our products.

-Executive Editor, Early Childhood Products, McGraw-Hill Education

Demibooks made our first enhanced ebook possible, providing the tools (literally) to seamlessly adapt and preserve our book’s charm and artistic integrity

-Kira Lynn Publisher for Kane Miller Books