Ways to Utilize your Laptops as a Second Monitor

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Nowadays, technology is developing in a very fast manner. It makes everyone life hassle-free by introducing many useful devices and the most important one is the computer. It comes as a solution to many problems and helps to perform various tasks. By the use of a computer, one can complete the work in very less time but you all face difficulties to manage the multiple tasks simultaneously on a single screen. Though the computer offers the feature of the multi-desktop screen still it is difficult to manage the task on a small screen and you need a big screen for it. There is no need to buy extra monitors for this; you can use your laptops as a second monitor. Yes, you heard it right, so in this article, you get to know you can use your laptops.

Using laptops as a second monitor to your system is a great way to amplify the productivity to a significant level. By this, you can work efficiently because the viewing area increases become double in size. You can also prioritize and move your work according to your requirement. The second monitor also helps you in making the task more systematic. Here you’ll get the best ways to set up your laptops as a second monitor. So have a look at this…

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Air Display

Air Display is a suited app for using laptops as a second monitor. This app is useful for both Windows and Mac laptops. For using this Air Display, download it to the laptop which is you want to use a secondary monitor. Further for launching the software, make sure to download the driver on the laptop. Now connect both the devices and the set up is completed. But this process totally relies on the Wi-Fi speed and the working of your PC, so it may be laggy or slow. The app is not free, it has some charges but it is better than to buy a new monitor.

Remote Assistant

You can use a remote assistant if you don’t want to use any third-party application for utilizing the laptop as a second screen. Remote Assistant is one of the easiest ways to perform this task but it will only compatible for Windows 7 and NVIDIA Quadro 2000. For this, your laptop needs to have a monitor hookup adapter. For using this, follow some simple steps:

  • Initially, right-click on the desktop then you’ll get the option “NVIDIA Control Panel”. Click on it and wait until it loads.
  • Now go to ‘Workstation’ and then select ‘View system Topology’. Here you’ve to click on ‘Manage EDID’. Finally, click on ‘Main display port’.
  • Follow the same steps for ‘Secondary Display port’. When the setup completes, you’ll have the second monitor and you can use it with “remote assistant + zoom”.

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Summing Up…

Using the laptops as a second monitor is an innovative idea which has great benefits. You can perform this task by any of the above methods. There are also some other apps and software available which can help you with this but beware as some of the apps doesn’t satisfy your expectations and only provide you the replica of the screen. Do share your feedback if you like this article and comment us if you’ve any query regarding any above methods. Keep visiting our blog for more such informative piece.