Different Uses of NFC in Your Mobile Phone

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Near Field Communication or NFC technology is a perfect and new way to share data over short distance.  This technology is nothing but some communication protocols that transfer data from one device to another through high frequency if they have a distance of 4 cm to 10 cm in between them. NFC is something new and has a wide area of application. Most of us haven’t even heard of it. Let us tell you that most of the Android devices have this technology and with the use of Android Beam setting we can use this technology to transfer data on a very short range.

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However, we are a little bit ignorant toward this technology that is being used at many other places for Contactless Payments. Here we are going to tell you the applications of NFC in your day to day life. But before we dive into it let’s see how to turn on this feature. Let’s have a look.

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  • Go to the settings of your device.
  • Then tap on the Connections option. There you’ll see the NFC and Payment option.
  • Tap on the toggle. There you are all set to use this technology.

Now, let’s know where you can use this technology and how.

To Do The Transactions Or Payments

It is a very easy and common use of the NFC technology. It is used just the way you use your various cards to make the payment but the only difference is that you use virtual cards instead of real ones. If you’re using this technology to do the transaction then you’ll have to upload all your card details on the app like Apple Pay or Google Wallet and then just tap on it on the POS (point of sale) system.

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Data Transferring

Most of us are aware of the fact that Apple Pay or Google Wallet uses NFC technology to make the payments but do you know that using this technology you can send data from one device to another. Once you enable the Android Beam feature on your device as well as on the other one then you can share the picture or whatever media you want. You’ll have to just hold both the devices in your hand placed on each other. As the transferring range of this technology is very short, you need to make sure that the distance between the devices is not more than 10 cm.

Automation Of Task Using NFC Tags

NFC Tags are devices that stores data. You can avail these on online stores like Amazon. You can save data that you want to share with your friends or family and they can have access to that information by just using NFC technology on their devices. Like you can store the password to your Wi-Fi network and then all your family or friends can use this to access the network. There are many other ways to use this hardware. It’s up to you and your imagination to use this technology in any way.

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NFC is an innovative way to share data over short distance. But still, somewhere we are lacking to use this technology to its fullest. Many people don’t even know about this, however, we think that this article must have helped in making you aware of this technology and the way to use it. Read our blog for more articles like this.