How To Download Apps From Google Play Store – Complete Guide!

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If you are an Android user, you do not need an introduction to the Google Play store. It is the best and secure destination to fetch your favorite Android apps, games, and digital contents like audiobooks, movies etc. Some of the content is paid while most are available free to install here.

Download Apps From Google Play Store

Those who are the newbie to Android or experiencing the use of Google play store for the first time, we are here giving you the exact steps to know how to download apps and other digitized contents from Google play store. Continued

Ways to Use Two WhatsApp Accounts in the Same Device

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If your phone can support dual SIM, then why can’t dual WhatsApp? Yes, it’s possible to run two WhatsApp account over a single device. WhatsApp is the widely used messaging application and hits the top position in the list of online social community. It’s an amazing app that wins the number of hearts in a very short span of time with its superbly designed user interface and neat features. WhatsApp has slowly become the indispensable part of our lives, without which we can’t even imagine a day and the fact is evident from the billions of its registered users on the app store today.

We often wish to enjoy the dual WhatsApp account with two separate mobile numbers but WhatsApp has restricted the configuration of further accounts unlike apps like Instagram, where you can manage many accounts within 1 single App. It would be like icing on the cake if we get the chance to get 2 WhatsApp account on 1 device.


Tips for Writing a Perfect Love Letter!

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These days’ emails, chat messengers have taken place of the earlier way of delivering the information or message to someone dear via means of letters. Even now we could see the craze of love letters existing among the youth. Love letters still hold their importance and charm. The emotions of the person were depicted in the form of letters and it is still quite fascinating reading the love letters. Love letters were given for the purpose. The reasons were many like when one is shy or afraid to deliver its feelings or in earlier days when the lover was far of place then to deliver him the message it was the best medium.


Living a Life Without Cell Phone!

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The most important electronic gadget we have today, from which we can’t stay away for a moment is our Smartphone of course. If someone asked us what would life be like without cell phones, then maybe it can be a matter of deep concern for us. No one in the whole world can’t deny this fact that Smartphones are so efficient that they have recouped certain things in our life, for example, landline phones, alarm clock, camera, calculator etc which has reduced our burden. On the other hand, we have become so accustomed to our Smartphone that it has turned into the biggest distraction for us and because of if we can’t focus on some of the most important goals in our life.

We all are familiar with the fact that life without cell phones will not be as easy as it is now, but it will not be as difficult as we assume it. Every coin has two sides just like that world without mobile phones also have both positive and negative impacts, all we need is to use technology for the right purpose and gradually reducing negative use with passing time.


Important Tips on Getting a Job at Google!

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Getting a good job in today’s growing competitive environment is as tough as finding a diamond from a coal mine and if you’re thinking about how to get a job in Google then the possibilities of yours is less but not the least. Today, millions of people like you are dreaming of getting a job in Google and therefore searching for How to get a job at Google over the web. Thousands of students every day pass out of college with a degree of graduation or post graduation in their hands and their only goal is to get their dream job, no matter how hard and tough it will.

As per the records, Google ranked fifth in highest-paying companies in the whole US and ranked first in 100 fortune companies to work at. So you can easily guess how many people will be behind you in order to get a job in Google, who might acquaint with special requirements to work at Google apart from their degrees and good grades.


Facebook vs Instagram – Find Out the Better Marketing Avenue for Your Business!

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Facebook vs Instagram for business? Planning for advertising your business on popular social networks, but confused which would be better Facebook or Instagram for business; then we at DemiBooks are going to make your vision clear with the help of stats and the benefits through our article which would prove out to be the best platform to clear your conceptions. You might be in a confusion, is facebook or Instagram better for business or not.

We’ll bring you closer to the insights which would definitely help you launch your campaign and help to solve your purpose. Let’s have a glimpse on the points relating to Facebook vs Instagram for business 2018 and get yourself sorted.


Google Home vs Amazon Echo – All The Comparisons to Help You Choose The Best!

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Google and Amazon basically are huge tech giants. We know that Google is a leading search engine and on the other hand Amazon is the biggest e-tailer in the world. These two giants are found to be in a warm battle with respect to their devices i.e. Google home vs amazon echo. In this article, we would try to configure which is best Amazon echo or Google home or which is better Google Home or Amazon echo. We are familiar with the fact that in the coming years Smart home market has the special place and Google want to occupy it.

Therefore, Google and Amazon are trying their best and are standing in huge competition focussing on that they should not be left back. Which is best Google home or Amazon echo is a bit difficult to determine. Both of them have also incorporated the special mini versions like Google Home mini and Amazon echo dot. Hence, let get into it in detail to let know which is smarter.