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Demibooks Inc. has been acquired by Educational Development Corporation. Read our blog for updates on products and services.

Learn creation process


Create interactive experiences without complicated coding, directly on the tablet

Learn critical thinking and problem solving skills

Bring STEM and STEAM concepts to life

Barrier to entry is broken! 4 stars for giving people like me the opportunity to create animated book applications without having to spend $5,000-$20,000. –Maximus Brown, AppStore Review

No coding experience necessary. This version is easier to use and has a lot more features. –Heidi Berthiaume, Author of Bud the Bunny

Our experience was fantastic. The features are incredible and very user friendly. –Mr Toonz, FarmToonz creating apps that promote learning by interacting

…create professional interactive publications….application prototypes, …product brochures, …comics or storyboards for movies or games….There are so many cool things you can do… It’s a no brainer! –RLVM, AppStore Review

Recently Published

Woolly and Shaggy

Written and Illustrated by Lynn Chen. Published by Lynn Chen Art.

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Rose Milany a la Plage

Written by Laetitia Martini. Illustrated and Published by Jean-Marc Filippi.

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Bees Buzz & Lions Roar: Animal Stories

Written and Illustrated by Kristin Reiber Harris. Published by Kristin Reiber Harris.

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Fly with Arnold – Africa

Written and illustrated by Clint Sutton. Published by Clint Sutton Studios.

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I was thrilled how quickly the students accepted my challenge to explore Composer’s physics and gaming potential. They had great results and learned a lot in the process. Kristin Harris, Adjunct Professor, Art Department, Lynchburg College & Instructor, The Virginia Governor’s School of Math, Science & Technology.

Demibooks offers an interactive reading experience for children, and a consistent, well-designed platform for content development. Their knowledge, understanding, and experience building interactive reading applications led to more interesting and exciting interactions for readers. They offered our Marketing team support for positioning and pricing the interactive books, driving customers to our materials, and providing a secondary marketplace for our products. Executive Editor, Early Childhood Products, McGraw-Hill Education