“@demibooks Limitless takeaways! With an app like this, our imagination is our only limitation! Planning a Shakespeare book this week!” – @apeters522, Parklands College, Cape Town, South Africa

Demibooks® Composer is a code free iPad-based authoring platform teachers and students can use to make interactive book apps, presentations, games and lessons.

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“Demibooks made our first enhanced ebook possible, providing the tools (literally) to seamlessly adapt and preserve our book’s charm and artistic integrity” – Kira Lynn Publisher for Kane Miller Books

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Develop your interactive apps in Composer and publish to the App Store and Demibooks Storytime. Contact us if you want to sell your content in your own white-labelled reader app.

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Demibooks Composer is the first software platform that allows you to make your own book apps directly on the iPad. No coding required!”

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Use Demibooks Share to share your projects with friends, family, and collaborators. Students and teachers can now share their work across the globe.

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Demibooks Storytime is our reader app on the iPad with a growing selection of curated children’s book apps from publishers and independent storytellers.

Snow Rabbit

By Silke Voigt, Published by emagicbook

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Goose and Fox

Written, illustrated and published by Elaine Lappano

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The Box

Written by Sue Moring, Illustrated by Joshua Zelasko. Published by Little Bahalia Publishing

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ABC.DC – An Art Alphabet

Written and Illustrated by Kristin Reiber Harris, Published by Kristin Harris Design

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Thanksgiving Cat

Written and Illustrated by Margaret Johnson and Published by kandelsmith

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Duck Takes A Ride: An Art Story

Written and Illustrated by Kristin Reiber Harris, Published by Kristin Harris Design

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I was thrilled how quickly the students accepted my challenge to explore Composer’s physics and gaming potential. They had great results and learned a lot in the process. Kristin Harris, Adjunct Professor, Art Department, Lynchburg College & Instructor, The Virginia Governor’s School of Math, Science & Technology. 

Demibooks offers an interactive reading experience for children, and a consistent, well-designed platform for content development. Their knowledge, understanding, and experience building interactive reading applications led to more interesting and exciting interactions for readers. They offered our Marketing team support for positioning and pricing the interactive books, driving customers to our materials, and providing a secondary marketplace for our products. Executive Editor, Early Childhood Products, McGraw-Hill Education