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Demibooks® Composer

Demibooks Composer is the first software platform that allows you to make your own book apps directly on the iPad. No coding required!

Demibooks® Share

Use Demibooks Share to share your projects with friends, family, and collaborators. Students and teachers can now share their work across the globe.

Demibooks® Storytime

Demibooks Storytime is our reader app on the iPad with a growing selection of curated children’s book apps from publishers and independent storytellers.

Learn more about the process of creating and publishing with Demibooks products.


Demibooks® Composer provides an affordable, versatile and incredibly easy-to-use method of creating your own book apps. Produce rich interactive content with the platform used by many independent storytellers and leading publishers such as McGraw-Hill Education and Kane Miller Books.

Use Composer for interactive presentations, tutorials and design prototypes. Designers & authors can apply a sophisticated set of features-realistic physics, advanced animations, conditional behaviors-to create rich immersive experiences with their images,text,sounds,movies and visual effects. Best bit? No coding required!

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Composer allows your story to evolve easily. Move and edit pictures with your fingers and tap to add new pages. Import files directly from Dropbox or iTunes. Making a book has never been this easy.

No code required

No one wants to code. Except for the coders, so we’ll let them do that. Composer does the heavy lifting behind the scenes so you can focus on the stuff that matters to you; the art, design, and choreography.

Powerful effects

Use powerful Behaviors to manipulate audio and visual objects. Create frame-based animations and specify triggers. Give objects weight and have them bounce around the page with the “Physics” function.

Preview as you create

Don’t wait for Engineering to get back to you in a couple of weeks with those changes. Just hit the Preview button and what you see is what your readers will get. No juggling between desktop and iPad.


Need help with your Composer project? Click here for more resources.


Demibooks® Share is a free app that allows you to share and view book apps, presentations, games, and lessons created on the Demibooks platform around the world. Get access to a library of interactive lessons and student works customized especially for your school.

This is an exciting new channel for teachers, students, and parents to review, learn, or interact from anywhere in the world. Grading projects, studying for courses, and keeping up with your child has never been easier.

Composer Pro is used not only by professional publishers, but also in many colleges and middle/high schools. Our content will include projects from art and design colleges such as RISD and MIAD where book projects are being published to the App Store. But we will also have middle schoolers’ projects showcased as well. Give these students a hand by rating and reviewing their projects!

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SHARE: Give access to your exported Dembooks Composer File (.dcb) to someone else by sharing a Dropbox link or adding the file to File Sharing in iTunes. Open Demibooks® Share and go to “Library” at the bottom toolbar where all your downloaded content can be found.

IMPORT: Your “Library” is also where you can import and view Composer projects privately from family and friends. In the top left corner, select “Import From Dropbox” or “Import From iTunes”, wherever the shared file is located. Then, select the .dcb file you would like to import and view.

DOWNLOAD: Once you have selected your desired Composer project file, it will begin to download into your Share Library. When it is finished downloading, you can enjoy the interactive book in the way it is meant to be viewed. It will remain in your Library for as long as you like. Happy sharing!




Interested in using Composer and Share in your school? Click here to learn more becoming a School Pilot.


Demibooks® Storytime is a bookshelf in your bedroom, car, airplane or waiting room, filled with a growing library of quality interactive picture books for young children. Age-appropriate art and text combine with technology to create stories that move, sing, march and dance across the screen all with the touch of a finger.

Demibooks now offers publishers and authors/illustrators an exciting additional channel for reaching your readers. We curate the very best books made on the Composer platform. Best of all, it’s easy to download and even easier to use. Demibooks® Storytime has a selection of top children’s book apps for users to purchase, read and rate. We will feature selected publishers and independent authors/illustrators. We’re also excited to partner with EDC’s direct sales team, Usborne Books and More.

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The Demibooks Creation Process

Creating compelling book apps is an art form, requiring not only robust technology, but also creative and experience design with an eye for what interactive elements should be used to bring stories to life.



Storyboarding is a critical part of the process as it is the scope document for the book app. During this phase, develop common design standards throughout your book and develop reusable functionality where possible to create a consistent and harmonious product. A few changes are possible while the book is being composed in Composer, however we suggest that you work to manage a tight scope throughout your project.
Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 11.42.17 AM



In the Pre-Production phase, prepare assets required for producing the book in Composer. Using your digital assets and artwork, create animations and prepare other interactive elements using tools such as Adobe Photoshop. You can also record voiceover narrations and prepare music to play on specific pages or throughout your entire book.

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 11.25.17 AM




Composing the book app in Demibooks Composer brings the interactive story to life. Composer enables code-free authoring on the iPad itself with a rich set of features for creating interactive behaviors. The platform allows sophisticated manipulation of voiceovers, sound effects and music tracks that can span multiple scenes and pages. Animations created in AfterEffects or Flash are played back with additional control over attributes such as frame rate and sequence. Object motion can be controlled via a series of transforms, motion eases, and by even turning the physics behaviors on. It also support movies in specific formats.




The Demibooks Printshop team is responsible for generating application builds based on the DCB output from Composer. These builds are distributed to you for testing. Project schedules will allow for testing with a larger audience of testers including kids. The final application is submitted to Apple for publication in the App Store, pending review. In parallel to the App Store, the Demibooks team will publish the App to the Demibooks® Storytime.