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Demibooks® Composer provides an affordable, versatile and incredibly easy-to-use method of creating your own book apps. Produce rich interactive content with the platform used by many independent storytellers and leading publishers such as McGraw-Hill Education and Kane Miller Books.

Use Composer for interactive presentations, tutorials and design prototypes. Designers & authors can apply a sophisticated set of features-realistic physics, advanced animations, conditional behaviors-to create rich immersive experiences with their images,text,sounds,movies and visual effects. Best bit? No coding required!

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Demibooks® Share is a free app that allows you to share and view book apps, presentations, games, and lessons created on the Demibooks platform around the world. Get access to a library of interactive lessons and student works customized especially for your school.

This is an exciting new channel for teachers, students, and parents to review, learn, or interact from anywhere in the world. Grading projects, studying for courses, and keeping up with your child has never been easier.

Composer Pro is used not only by professional publishers, but also in many colleges and middle/high schools. Our content will include projects from art and design colleges such as RISD and MIAD where book projects are being published to the App Store. But we will also have middle schoolers’ projects showcased as well. Give these students a hand by rating and reviewing their projects!

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Demibooks® Storytime is a bookshelf in your bedroom, car, airplane or waiting room, filled with a growing library of quality interactive picture books for young children. Age-appropriate art and text combine with technology to create stories that move, sing, march and dance across the screen all with the touch of a finger.

Demibooks now offers publishers and authors/illustrators an exciting additional channel for reaching your readers. We curate the very best books made on the Composer platform. Best of all, it’s easy to download and even easier to use. Demibooks® Storytime has a selection of top children’s book apps for users to purchase, read and rate. We will feature selected publishers and independent authors/illustrators. We’re also excited to partner with EDC’s direct sales team, Usborne Books and More