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userguide1Composer Pro User Guide

The Pro User guide is full of helpful information on getting started with Composer Pro and Composer Studio.

getsatisfactopnOur Support Community

Get satisfaction is our online support community. Join today to ask questions and contact other users for helpful tips on our Composer app!

youtubeYoutube Channel

Check out our youtube channel for our latest video tutorials. We have a large library full of helpful information on getting started with our software.

Retina Scripts

Retina Scripts

Get Retina Scripts to convert your image files. Apple now requires both retina and non-retina image files for submitting to the App store.


How to Market a Book App

Get Karen Robertson’s book that shows you how to market a book app. It features Demibooks Composer as one of the tools for creation.

ed brochure png

Education Brochure

Interested in putting your own class together? Download and read our brochure on how you can get started with Demibooks Composer.

iTunesU Course

Available on iTunes

Looking for a class curriculum guide? Use “Creating Interactive Apps using Demibooks Composer Pro 2014 Live” from Sacred Heart College (SA).

ed brochure png

Publishing to Storytime

Get more information about how books are selected to be sold in our Demibooks Storytime app and how to prep your digital book.